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Portrait of a Lagoon Graduate

Lagoon recognizes the vocation of women as trustees of humanity and provides a culture of freedom and responsibility in which young women thrive. The joy that comes from knowing she is a child of God impels our graduate to positively impact family and society through:

  • An understanding of faith and a commitment to personal friendship with God
  • Academic excellence that drives her to pursue lifelong learning
  • The ability to recognize and articulate truth, and the courage to stand by it
  • Self-knowledge that informs her growth in virtue
  • A love for beauty in the world, and a sense of responsibility to sustain and create it
  • Leadership and a spirit of collaboration that inspire her to serve

* Saint John Paul II, Apostolic Letter, On the Dignity and Vocation of Women, n. 30

This personal, dynamic, integral education shapes a person who can go on to recognize the beauty and depth of each person because she has first been taught to discover this about herself. When you meet a young woman like this, you realize that she will be a tremendous gift to her university community because she has received this transformative educational experience and is poised to share its benefits with others.

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Meet Our Alumnae

Many of our Alumni have pursued many different fields, including math, science, engineering, architecture and education. Several have returned to Lagoon to teach and coach and many stay connected to their Alma Mater through various events, where they can share practical advice and their experiences in college with Lagoon students. Alumnae are regular visitors to campus throughout the year as they stay in touch with students and faculty.