The Lagoon School

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Thank you for your interest in the Lagoon School.

To complete the application process kindly submit the following documents to the Admission Unit of the school:

1. Hard copy of the filled Application form

2. A copy of your daughter’s birth certificate/Affidavit(Please note that candidates who do not meet the age requirement will not be allowed to continue the application process)

3. A photocopy of her Baptismal certificate(for Catholics and Anglicans)

4. One copy of the last third term report from her current school if cumulative or ( 1st,2nd & 3rd term if 3rd term is not reports cumulative for Applicants into JSS1 and Reception — Primary 1

— One copy of transcript from her current school for Applicants into JSS2, SS1 and Primary 2— 4

If you are applying to JS1, please note that the exam date is Saturday, 27th, January 2024.If however, you are applying to any other class besides JS1, please note that the entrance exam date will be sent to your email and will also be announced on our website.

Please note that an examination slip will be generated for your child/ward and sent to your registered email upon submission of the physical copy of the form together with the uploaded documents.

You will have to print out the slip and come with it for the exam. You cannot write the exam without the exam slip.

Also note that the deadline for submission of the form and all relevant documents is Friday 19thJanuary, 2024.


Ijeh Lydia

Chief Registrar Officer

[email protected]