The Lagoon School

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Why lagoon school

The Lagoon School is situated in the heart of Lekki, which is free from the usual noisy activities of Lagos city. The school is heavily secured by a team of professional private guards that are dedicated, observant and caring. In addition, our environment is covered by many close circuit cameras (CCT) which can record and save events for monitoring.

Teaching Enhancement With Technology

We enhance teaching with technology to explain, research, present and concretise the information being taught to our students. One way we achieve this is through the use of interactive smart boards. In this way, the information being taught makes a long-lasting impression on the minds of our students. This also makes teaching and learning relatable to real-life situations.

Examination and Regulatory Bodies Compliance

We are regularly inspected by examination and regulatory bodies such as the and the Lagos State Ministry of Education. This body have endorsed our superb services in the area of teaching, child safety, management, teachers’ qualification, class-to-teacher ratio, and sporting facilities.

Talented and Passionate Teaching Staff

We recruit talented teachers with a passion for what they do. Our teachers, strive for excellence and also ensure that our students adopt a growth mindset. Lagoon management is second to none in providing child-friendly policies, ideas, security, child safety and academic activities. Our School boasts of a team of seasoned educators who are academically certified with many years of experience with many having spent more than 10 years in the Lagoon School

Corrective Disciplinary Committee

The school has a corrective disciplinary committee unit that regularly educates the students about the need to be morally upright and also to caution the students in a loving and caring way as and when due.

Committed To Developing Well-Rounded Personalities

We are also committed to developing well-rounded girls through extra-curricular activities and various creative outlets. In Lagoon School students engage in various sporting activities like basketball and football. We also ensure that students are prepared for life outside of the walls of the classroom through social clubs like the Debate and Public Speaking club. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in creative activities organised by the Music, Drama and Art departments.