Hope this meets you well. In our last update, we had mentioned that: we cannot claim to know how you are feeling right now but are optimistic that you will be well. I can assure you I have experienced what it is that those who tested positive experienced. And like my students would say” it is not funny at all” I already started experiencing the symptoms before the result finally came out positive. Let me not go into details but to all my fellow Covid-19 positives: parents, staff and students, I say: we are in this together and we shall overcome!!! I have felt and I am feeling what you felt and are feeling. It has not been easy but God will grant us healing.

As at today, Monday, 19 July 2021 we have officially recorded twenty-six (26) positive cases out which 14 are students and 12 are staff members. We thank God that each one is on the road to a speedy recovery. The beautiful thing is that the ones with symptoms are as cheerful and optimistic as the ones who are asymptomatic!!!! Let us keep one another in our prayers. Let me use this medium to thank you all for all your encouragement and support. We all, including the children, are praying specially for the sick amongst us including within our families. The students have been taking turns to ensure that a group is talking to God about our school at every minute 24/7. God bless and keep these children for us!!!

We are happy that our JS3 and SS3 students have commenced their national examinations in an a very positive and tension-free atmosphere. We had the whole school disinfected on Saturday, 3rd July after we closed the school on Thursday 1st July 2021 as a prudent measure to stop the spread of the “flu-like symptoms“ We apologise once again that we should have been more proactive in closing down the school. Please be assured that we shall keep tweaking our processes till we perfect what we have. We are grateful to the members of the MONITORING, SURVEILLANCE AND ENFORCEMENT COMMITTEE who took turns to be physically in school whenever our students had papers. They ensured that all our health and safety protocols were observed. Special thanks to our dear Mrs. John- Nejo and Mrs. Seyi-Idowu who have spent time in assisting our Health and Safety Team. We pray that the good Lord will reward you for the numbers of hours you have spent in ensuring that the onsite National examinations went smoothly. We had only nine JS3 students in a class of thirty-five thus we ended up using a total of fifteen classrooms for our JS3 students just to ensure we have the 2m physical distance.

The JS3 students concluded their Lagos state Examinations on Thursday, 15th July 2021. Our dear SS3 students will continue till 16th August 2021. The JS3 NECO will run from 23rd August till 6th September 2021 while the SS3 WAEC will run from 16th August till 30th September 2021. Let us keep them all in our prayers.

We wish our JS1, JS 2, SS1 and SS2 best of luck as they commence their third term examinations online. We have had simulations for every one of them so as to tackle issues that come up. We are grateful to all those who have been very supportive. We have the [email protected] strictly for matters that have to do with this online examination. We have revised our online examination protocol for both the invigilators and candidates. We have also compiled a manual on Frequently Asked Questions about The Lagoon School Online Examinations. This manual will be updated with your feedback. Please, as mentioned in our email to you, do not hesitate to let us know how we can support you in all these.

we also implore you to please be patient with us as a school. We all are dealing with so much. Some members of staff are quite ill thus right now, we are short- staffed. We are doing our best though we are very much aware that our best might not be enough. We are sorry that the results of the tests done in the school were really delayed. We are aware that some are yet to get their results. We have tried to follow up on this too. We only used the school to facilitate things for us all. We are sorry that it led to more stress for some of us because of the tension of waiting for the results.

Congratulations to our little angels in the Primary Section who concluded their third term examination online on Friday, 16th July 2021. Do enjoy your well-deserved long vacation. It has really been a long academic session for you all.

Let us pray for one another especially for those of us who are isolating and managing our health. Let us remind ourselves that “tough times don`t last but tough people do” Like many people have told us: THIS, TOO SHALL PASS. We ask God to heal us and our world.

Please stay safe, stay strong. We are in this together and we shall overcome.

Margaret Isebor

F: The Lagoon School Academic Council


Lagoon covid law

With the onset of the pandemic, the Lagoon School adopted a well-structured online program for the students till December 2020. In January 2021, the hybrid plan was adopted so as to maintain social distancing after studying the protocol we had received from the federal ministry and Lagos state commission. Then following their suggestions, we put the following measures in place:

  • Installation of wash hand basins with flowing water. The taps installed are automatic so students and staff don’t touch.
  • The use of handgun sanitisers.
  • Establishment of a health and safety protocol for the whole school community.
  • Purchase of thermometers for daily temperature checks.
  • Creating awareness on our school portal. Some of our students produced videos which we sent to all our students to prepare them for physical resumption and create awareness on prevention of covid-19
  • We have encouraged parents to assist us in educating our students on covid awareness. A mother who is medical personnel was invited to have sessions with the teachers and students.
  • We have been fumigating and disinfecting the school every 6 months as advised and the certificates are attached below.
  • Only a few students eat in the cafeteria. We pack the lunch of the other students who eat in the classroom.
  • We have the ‘no mask no entry policy’ which we have strictly adhered to.
Lagoon covid law2

We got posts from parents on Tuesday evening showing concerns as to the number of children who were exhibiting these flu-like symptoms. A mail was sent from our communications unit on Wednesday morning informing them that we have not relented on our implementation of our health and safety protocol and the need to keep children with these symptoms at home. We had a meeting with the members of our health and safety team where we came to the conclusion that for the safety of every member of the school community we should close down the school till further notice. This is to afford us time to disinfect the school. Mails have been sent to parents and we shall keep them informed as situation unfolds. Thus, we are reverting to online classes until we are sure of the situation.

We have never compromised on the health and safety of the members of our school community. We have always insisted on the implementation of our covid-19 prevention protocol. We are grateful to the parents and guardians of our students who have supported us in implementing our health and safety protocol even when it was not convenient for them.

We are grateful to the representatives from the Ministry Of Health who visited our school when they got to know about the concern on the number of students with flu-like symptoms. The Head of the team commended us on all we put in place to ensure a covid-free environment for our learners. We working with them presently as they guide us through our next steps.

We are available for further enquiries on [email protected]

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